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Help us find the 100,000 Settlers who

are Allies to First Peoples in Canada

The purpose of the 2 Row Flow Cultural Commons is to create a new narrative between First Peoples & Settlers in Canada without the brokered corporate messaging of government agents & its institutions.


People to people, we aim to create a narrative on which to build new relationships. As Settlers we must explore the obligations of the First Treaty -- the 2 Row Wumpum, why we failed to uphold our treaty obligations and how we can work together to reconcile our karmic debt, form relationships with one another and with First Peoples for a better tomorrow and for future generations on this land. 

In a country of 34 Million Canadians -- the first task will be to locate  the estimated 100,000 allies to First Peoples who are out there and invite them to participate in co creating this Cultural Commons. We image them to be everyday people who use social media like Facebook and Twitter. They may be artists, visionaries, entrepreneurs, activists or just hard working citizens, who as a result of their family history had ancestors who settled on this land. Their family roots may extend back 3 to 7 generations and as a result they know or have learnt something about the laws, customs and ways of First Peoples and realize that something is terrible wrong with the way our government has treated First Peoples and that due to their acknowledgement of deliberate genocide realize that a solution to the mess that government agents and politicians created will not come from more of the same. Citizens who share a common history must acknowledge the role their family played in facilitating the genocide and take action by contributing to this commons! Please share this widely with your family and friends as we seek Settlers who are willing to contribute to this commons. 

If you know of any Settlers who are allies to First Peoples please have them go to this page to fill out a form to participate in User Experience Testing to Co Creating this Commons. 

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