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The 2RowFlow offers & Needs Market

Greetings to First Peoples, Settlers and Immigrants in so called Canada! 


In light of our new shared narrative around COVID-19 and the very real loss of access to goods & services as well as to income & employment that we all face, we are launching our first version of the 2RowFlow Offers & Needs Marketplace. Sign up today to become a part of the 2RowFlow Cultural Commons Market.


How it works:  We all have Offers to make with respect to skills and talents as well as with things and stuff. We all have Needs to be met. Both Offers & Needs require skills, talent, things or stuff to be met. By sharing your Offers and your Needs with Treaty People in your Watershed or in your local city, town or reserve, across so called Canada, we can support one another, build relationships of trust and, as Settlers, begin to honor our duties & obligations as Treaty People! Sign up below to access the 2RlowFlow Cultural Commons Market.

Sign up today to be a part of the 2RowFlow Offers & Needs Market! 

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