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We are
all Treaty People. 


The seeds of 2RowFlow were sown during the "winter we danced." In December 2012, a spark ignited Idle No More.  Thanks to the viral nature of social media and the inter- connectedness of First Peoples, Idle No More "quickly became one of the largest Indigenous mass movements in Canadian history. What began as a series of teach-ins throughout Saskatchewan to protest impending parliamentary bills that erode Indigenous sovereignty and environmental protections changed the social and political landscape of Canada."

Commons Resource

In the time of COVID and at the time of this update in the Spring of 2023, we have officially adopted Koji as the natural resource of this commons. Koji is the oldest domestic fungus on the planet and it has been present on Turtle Island for 100 years. It was brought to Turtle Island and to America, by Japanese immigrants in the form of Miso, Soya Sauce and Sake. It originated in China some 10,000 years ago and played an essential role in the so called Health food movement that arose in California in the 1960's. For over half a century Koji based fermented products have been made in the home and in small businesses across America and Canada. It has also fuelled larger movements like the trend to plant based, milk substitutes through the product known as Amasake. 


The fungus kingdom is 2.5 BILLION Years old. We are made up of multitudes of fungus, bacteria and micro organisms. Now that the science has shown us the importance of the gut microbiome and it's connection to the health of the brain, known as the gut-brain axis we have adopted it for a number of reasons. 

1. We recognize that KOJI based fermentations, which are alkaline ferments are vital to nourishing the gut microbiome. Cultivating right relationship with one's self begins with nourishing one's microbes. As we embrace the micro-biotic level of existence, we also hold space for Macrobiotic teachings and for the Big Life.


2. Instead of chasing political ideologies and arguing endlessly who is right and who is wrong we will choose to embrace the big life and learn how to relate to our microbiome for better health every day as we move forward with out fear in the time of Covid. 


3. A return to excellent health for all First Peoples was one of the last wishes of the writer and academic of the Stó꞉lō First Nations Lee Maracle. We approached Lee to guide us in the Governance of this Creative Commons. On a zoom call in the spring of 2021, Lee expressed in her brilliant poetic manner her burning desire to see First Peoples return to the fullness of their original wellness and beauty.


4. In answer to Lee's last wishes we set out, at the start of the pandemic, to explore the concept of Mutual Aid. By the end of 2022, we had learnt a ton about the remarkable benefits to health and well being of Koji, learnt how to make koji based products in the home, created a home based business and took two koji based products to the local farmer's market in Lethbridge, Alberta, in the homelands of the Blackfoot people. Our intention was to conduct user research on the ground in real time with real people. At the market we shared samples of our Koji fermentations with both Settlers and First Peoples and sold many bottles of Amasake and Shio Koji to all kinds of people. We received lots of positive feedback. As this commons evolves we will share how you can easily make your own koji ferments in your home and begin to nourish your gut, your brain, your family, friends community and nations. For now, you can start to learn more about Koji here. 


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About the technology

the four sections below attempt to answer FAQ about this cultural commons and how it will be built over the next decade. 


We are seeking input from First Peoples and Settlers regarding the design and creation of 2RowFlow. If you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions that you want to share please email us below.


Blackfoot Territory,

Southern Alberta, Canada

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