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We are
all Treaty People. 



The seeds of 2RowFlow were sown during the "winter we danced." In December 2012, a spark ignited Idle No More.  Thanks to the viral nature of social media and the inter- connectedness of First Peoples, Idle No More "quickly became one of the largest Indigenous mass movements in Canadian history. What began as a series of teach-ins throughout Saskatchewan to protest impending parliamentary bills that erode Indigenous sovereignty and environmental protections changed the social and political landscape of Canada."

PRESENT: In the time of COVID we have only this to say about Indigenous-Settler Relations:

"Living Beings have two capacities of TRANSFORMATION, one is recitative and absorbs energy, it is an open EAR, (aka, the ability to LISTEN and it creates.....) the potential space of all minds, (aka, the emerging space of this commons) in which anything and everything is possible and we call this magnetic. The other aspect is CREATIVE and radiates energy; it the arising and display of appearances in the mind, it is the sunglobe, the moon, cloud, lightening, thunder, rain, rainbows and the signs of life, inner and outer worlds effervescing in the space of the mind. We call this electric! (as in Electric Slide, people, the dance. LISTEN UP!) Mind develops within an energy-egg in which energy is absorbed and radiated. Phenomena are reflected on the mind-mirror. To whatever sphere we turn out mind, forward whatever thought and activity that is the sphere in which the mind will reflect. The polarization of the two (aka, Two Eyed Seeing) functions of energy creates the electric-magnetic body or egg within which being have the potential to develop into a spiritual existence....because the Muti-universe is growing, it typifies the nature of the wisdom-essence whose various attributes symbolize growth as being and unfolding of wisdom as the way of the universe! (as in #MISOWIZE ) 

FUTURE:  The fungus kingdom is a BILLION Years old. We are made up of multitudes of fungus, bacteria and micro organisms. We have embraced the beloved KOJU fungus know to Asian cultures for the past 9,000 years as our KOJI-KIN. This means that we recognize that KOJI is a vital ancestor and that cultivation right relationship with KOJI-KIN is the past, present and future of this commons. As we jump into the micro-biotic level of existence we also hold space for the Macrobiotic, the BIG LIFE. Instead of chasing ideologies and arguing endlessly who is right and who is wrong we will choose to embrace the BIG LIFE and learn how to relate to our bodies and our microbiome for better health every day! It was one of the last wishes of our Beloved Lee Maracle, who we approached to guide us in the Governance of this Creative Commons. On a zoom call in the spring of 2021, Lee expressed in her brilliant poetic manner her burning desire to see First Peoples return to the fullness of their original wellness and beauty. We believe that begins in having a right relationship with your gut so that your brain can be more CREATIVE in its thoughts, desires and intentions for self and others, for the individual and the collective. It is the intention of the commons to find ways to educate First Peoples and Settlers on our ancient shared ancestor: KOJI-KIN.  

To learn more about how we are doing that follow us on Twitter for updates on our educational outreach for ALL TREATY PEOPLE. 


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We are seeking input from First Peoples and Settlers regarding the design and creation of 2RowFlow. If you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions that you want to share please email us below.


Blackfoot Territory,

Southern Alberta, Canada

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