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We are
all Treaty People. 


The seeds of 2RowFlow were sown during the "winter we danced." In December 2012, a spark ignited Idle No More.  Thanks to the viral nature of social media and the inter- connectedness of First Peoples, Idle No More "quickly became one of the largest Indigenous mass movements in Canadian history. What began as a series of teach-ins throughout Saskatchewan to protest impending parliamentary bills that erode Indigenous sovereignty and environmental protections changed the social and political landscape of Canada."

About the technology

the four sections below attempt to answer FAQ about this cultural commons and how it will be built over the next decade. 


We are seeking input from First Peoples and Settlers regarding the design and creation of 2RowFlow. If you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions that you want to share please email us below.


Blackfoot Territory,

Southern Alberta, Canada

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