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Let me be the first to wish all Settlers and First People in Canada lots of love on this Valentines Day. For what it is worth--- love is in the air. Just a few minutes ago I discovered my friend Mary's first published paper online via Twitter. Entitled "Let me Draw you a Map Knowledge Management from Two Different Streams of Thought. Love it. Especially the metaphor of water with the reference to #streams. Makes me think of the #flow that we seek to establish in this commons. This is a great paper and an excellent read. Check it out here https://cjal.ca/index.php/capal/article/view/31467/24729

My fav bit quotes are as follows:

"Further, the notion that the cosmic order is reciprocal and informs the importance of #reciprocity, of #sharing and #giving within Blackfoot society, provides insight into the importance of #relationships and their inseparability from #knowledge and #tradition in the community. This notion is contrasted with the idea that “White people’s #laws are different” and their lives are premised on #self-betterment and #gettingahead "

"Overall, terms such as #interconnected and #web are used to describe Blackfoot #Ways of Knowing in contrast to #European, #linear knowledge #creation and #dissemination."

Food for thought with respect to this commons:

"Lee (2008 and 2011) further advocates that #spiritual support or #nourishment be found in the #library and suggests that the #hierarchical nature of the organization be #flattened to create a more #reflective system.

In her discussion of epistemology, Bastien (2004) posits

that “#intelligence means participating within the world from which one has acquired

the wisdom of nature and the knowledge of experience. This understanding invokes a

number of relationships that contrast with the #Eurocentred concept of #intellect

On preservation of #digital #information

"So, you know, it seems a little crazy, but at the same time I feel like I need to.

Because you look at what happened with Red Crow [Community College], and they

never had any #backups of nothing, and then their school burnt down and everything

is gone."

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