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Daughters of the Vote

The expulsion of Jody #WilsonRayboult and her ally, Jean #Phillpot from the #Liberal Party caucus this week occurred one day before the #Daughters of the #Vote arrived in #Ottawa. Way to light a fire under these young women, #Trudeau! In response, many turned their backs to Trudeau when he spoke, a gesture and #WAY of communicating their displeasure that I have never seen before. These young women are delegates from every federal riding in Canada, chosen to represent their community and vision for #Canada. They are passionate, smart and articulate. From the posts shared on Twitter most of their visions align with those of this commons and the ones that got the most recognition were those about #Indigenous Rights and #Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women. #MMIW. The best response to their energy and presence came from #Green #Party Leader, #Elizabeth #May. Here is the Amazing video of Elizabeth May addressing Daughters of the Vote with wit, wisdom and #Woman’s #Warrior #Honour Song, which she was empowered to share by her friend, an Indigenous Woman.

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