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It's Written in the Stars

While I read about this Northern Lights display that occurred recently I did not take action to view it, so I was happy to see this post on Twitter and even happier to find out that their was a gathering of Indigenous and No Indigenous Folks who viewed it and around which some "teachings" transpired on Astronomy and Alternative Realities.

"In the wintertime, when these lights were in the #sky most prominently, there was a #connection, a connection to #alternate #realities, to the #spirit #world," Wilfred Buck, a science facilitator at the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre (MFNERC) says of the northern lights. "And that connection was strong."

"Sitting in the #sweat #lodge, singing these #ceremonial songs, partaking in [the] sun #dance, partaking in #fasting, partaking in ceremonies — a lot of these ceremonial #songs are in reference to the #stars," he says. "And all the ceremonies that are done are done in regards to the #sun."

Read more about Wilfred Buck and is mobile planetarium here:

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