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Preserving Language

A heart with the nsyilxcen word for 'hug'
n̓kl̓xʷusm ; nsyilxcen for 'hug'

Oftentimes, education has a tendency to ignore cultural context. My degree, being STEM based, is especially guilty of this. It's irresponsible to think that our actions exist in a void where they cannot affect others. Part of my admiration for my campus is our emphasis on #community and cooperation with the Syilx / Okanagan Nation Alliance, something that we started our campus with and have continued to work on. (source)

Recently, the #Syilx nation has started a campaign called #WElovelanguage, in an effort to educate and preserve the #nsyilxcen language. This campaign is open for all to learn, and given that language and culture inform each other, it's a wonderful opportunity and a fantastic movement. More information can be found here, and I hope to see a push to develop similar (and even more comprehensive!) programs throughout Canada.

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