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Residential schools - where were you?

I think for a lot of settlers, the path to #Decolonization begins through an awareness of residential schools - the vehicles of what is widely acknowledged now as an attempted cultural genocide of first peoples by the Canadian state. The CBC has produced an interactive map that allows us to locate ourselves in relation to the nearest school. Find it and learn on it. The next stop on the journey is the #TRC report. You can open the PDF, input your school name and begin the learning journey.

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Korrie Grant
Korrie Grant
Mar 27, 2019

Ann this is fantastic! Thank you for this post. I agree, any time I say the word decolonise a student will bring up residential schools. It is not a perfect response but it starts a conversation. This map would be excellent for me to show them to get them to start learning about their own personal relationship with Indigenous peoples.

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