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The "Hustle Space"

I am trying to keep my blogging down as I really only posted the first few as examples and am busy curating for Two twitter feeds now --- @CAKarmicDebt and @2RowFlow however I saw this post today on Twitter in the @2RowFlow feed where I am following more First Peoples Cultural Organizations and feel compelled to blog about it as it is the experience of an Indigenous Woman reacting to "the #hustle" way of Colonial life. In doing so -- Jacquelyn #Cardinal reveals more about the ways and customs of her people. Since #listening is a key principle of this commons. This passage resonated with me.

"That experience led me to see that if we only wait for moments where there is controversy or a fight to be had, we will miss the opportunity to make change. The #challenge is to notice and listen to the lessons; however, when we go as hard and as fast as we can (which we love to do), we miss a lot of stuff. I find myself, more often than not, in the “hustle” space — a place not conducive to standing still. Or listening."

Jacquelyn then goes on to describe what we all face in the near future if present day technology proceeds as predicted ---- as well as a "Bubble" space that she retreats to. For me, my bubble space if found in mediation and yoga. We all need to find these spaces/places to pause and reflect on the past, present and future of our lives.

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