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Language is an infinite game...

The foundation of this commons is the framework of the 2 Row Wampum Treaty. In it, the Chiefs sought Peace, Friendship and Respect and asked that we might know each others Laws, Ways and Customs. This Cultural Commons is for First Peoples and Settlers of Turtle Island. It is an emerging space for making sense of our shared narratives including "We are all Treaty People" to "What will the impact of COVID19 be on our Societies?"

What does

Right Relationship

look like? 







Great Law of Peace

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The law was written on wampum belts and conceived by Dekanawidah around the 12 Century.

How are Settlers to live in Right Relationship with First Peoples?

The Chiefs told us that we should know one another's LAWS, WAYS and CUSTOMS

Divine Right of Monarchs

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Asserts that a monarch is subject to no earthly authority, deriving the right to rule directly from a divine authority.
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First Peoples know much more about Settlers than we know about their cultures..have you ever asked yourself WHY?

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