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Fill our out Miso-Wize app survey today!

An app about all things MISO from the Big Life philosophy to the barely visible Koji spore and how all three are deeply intertwingled in the time of COVID*. This app will be carefully curated by Another 13 Moon Woman in her funky Miso Kitchen, where she serves up tasty quips & quotes in a range of philosophical and poetic forms! To help us deliver the best experience possible when sharing great information on this global grassroots food called MISO ----->> Click on the red text below to access our survey! Thanks for your input in helping to support the health and wellness of all peoples on Turtle Island! 


It is one year after the arrival of COVID 19 to Turtle Island. We are pleased to announce that the development of an app that explores the Myth of Health & Wellness in the Time of COVID. Please fill out the survey above so that we can build a great experience for you and share the exciting story of MISO.

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