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A Warrior's Epitaph

Updated: May 20, 2019

Russ #Diabo shared a link to his friend, #Milton Born With A Tooth who is a #Blackfoot warrior, First Nations #activist and nature #defender regarding his Epitaph on Twitter a few days ago and it has really stuck in my head for a number of reasons:

1. Milton has written his own #Epitaph before he leaves this plane of existence. This is not the usual Milton has not left us yet--- but he is very ill and is living "second to second..."

2. Milton defines, in the video shared in the link, what it is to be a #warrior and defend the ways of his people...

3. Milton refers to Settlers as "#visitors" and says that we need to work together to overcome this situation, echoing the words of #Bob #Marley, whose face appears on his T shirt throughout the video.. making me think again, regardless of what you call it ---- #reconciliation, making #amends, or settling #debt with First Peoples, this process is not a spectator sport. It is not up to our Government to do this either, we all need to take responsibility for what has happened and work collectively to right the wrong! That is our duty as #Treaty People. While I did not know of Milton before this post, I have many friends in the Blackfoot Nation, including a Hereditary Chief and so I will be asking after Milton over the summer as I go to various events to learn more about his great Warrior Legacy.

UPDATE: Monday May 20, 2019 Milton Born with A Tooth flew away home yesterday morning, Sunday May 19, 2019. He has gone to the place where the ancestors and star people gather. For some time I have been wanting to start a public facing blog on this commons and finally did it today. For reasons too many to explain, re posting this blog for all Treaty People in Canada to see makes sense right about now. AMEN. .

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