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Become a 2RowFlow Language Lab Network Partner

Our Social UX course offers 13 primers with over 26 hours of content for $1,000 per individual student for cutting edge vocational training. Youth will be invited to leverage their digital, media and information literacy skills and consider a career in the field of User Experience. As a 2RowFlow Language Lab Network Partner you agree to promote this course to your networks via word of mouth, email or social media posts. If an Indigenous Youth in your network signs up for a course you will receive a commission of $300.00. 

Our Social UX course can be taken on an individual or group basis. All participants receive a lifetime membership to the Language Lab which includes invites to ongoing  creative events and zoom sessions with UX Mentors. Once a youth has successfully completed the entire course they become a member of the 2RowFlow Creative League. We will list their creative profile on the commons site where they can connect and network with other creative youth and access to creative opportunities and tools. 

We offer a full 30 day month back guarantee. 

Language Lab Network Partners group pricing:

6 participants for $4,000 

12 participants for $8,000

18 participants for $12,000

24 participants for $16,000

30 participants for $20,000 

Note: Group pricing includes an additional 20% commission if you refer this Social UX course to other groups and they decide to sign up some of their youth to explore a vocation that creates social impact! 

Click on the happy face below to view our Introduction to Social UX for Indigenous Youth course overview...

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