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Our Social UX for Indigenous Youth summer camp will be here...


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Who Are We

Dear Indigenous Thought Leader, 

The 2RowFlow Language Lab & Creative Studio is a child project of the emerging 2RowFlow Cultural Commons. After 3 years of intensive UX Research on relations between First Peoples and Settlers to determine the conceptual aspects of this commons it is clear that Education is vital to cultivating right relationships. We are using the framework of the Two Row Wampum Chiefs, which calls for all Treaty People to know the ways, customs and laws of the other, as our guide for how to better Understanding.  Whether it is self education for Settlers in the form of our Treaty Dictionary or a transformational online course like Social UX for Indigenous Youth, that serves as an "on ramp" into the Creative Industry, we intend to deliver cutting edge experimental solutions through our Language Lab & Creative Studio. 


This course will benefit Indigenous youth and their communities at large. It will provide them with a stepping stone into the field of UX and the design of our networked society for the greater good. With the rise of decentralized networks, NFT's, and Web 3.0 these are exciting times for Indigenous Creatives to imagine and support a different economic future for their Nations and the World, one that moves beyond industries of extraction into those that are Creative and have a social impact designed to benefit both the collective and the individual. 

In this course, Indigenous youth are encouraged to examine a set of tools and concepts through the lens of "Two Eyed Seeing". This bundle of essential terms, concepts and tools found within the User Experience space at large and more specifically, in the sphere of the social user experience, will be examined using the method of contrast and compare. This allows for the integration of the best of Indigenous and European concepts. Indigenous Youth between the ages of 14 to 29 can will build on their previous social studies, level up their digital skills, start a portfolio or project and learn the basic concepts of Social UX under the compassionate eye of a creative coach and supportive mentors.  We would appreciate your support for this project and would like your feedback in a survey. Please watch the video below for some more context surrounding this online course and then fill out our online stakeholder Survey to share your opinion. Miigwech. 

To learn how to become a Network partner of the 2RowFlow Language Lab & Creative Studio and get early access to our experimental education website, fill in the form below. We will email you the details soon! 

P.S. We have no time for spam and will not sell your as we believe in data sovereignty. 

Thanks for submitting!

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For an overview of this course check the PDF below. You can scroll through it to read it online or you can download it. 
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