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“Finite players play within boundaries; infinite players play with boundaries.”
― James Carse

Message to Settlers



ho knew that the country you live in, it's subjects and citizens, everyday folks, like you and me, along with the Indigenous Peoples of these Lands were all played like a game of thrones in a finite game of Kings & Queens. Of Property and Debt. Of Greed and Power.

The fact that the lands belonging to the First Peoples of this so called Nation State were wangled from them thru legal deeds and documents, written in a language unknown to them, based on a property law that originated in Rome. This law that has been strictly enforced by Banks and Soldiers for the past 5,000 years, should be cause for serious reflection if one intends to reconcile their debt to First Peoples. This law is the pillar of Debt Culture. It's ongoing enforcement should be a concern for you, your children and grandchildren, if you give any credence to the notion of Collective Karmic Debt as a spiritual debt that must be repaid to balance scales of justice in the Infinite Game of Creator and Creation. 

As Boomers, Gen X'ers and Millineals you owe it to your kids and grandchildren to set the record straight on Treaty Relationships and leave a legacy that says You know who your Ancestors were, how they came to be on this land and how they benefited from its resources and how you took up your duties and obligations as a Treaty Person in cultivating right relationship with the First Peoples of these lands and collaborated with others on this commons to find ways to settle our Collective Karmic Debt.

Join us a Creative Commoner and make your own version of the Treaty Dictionary, one that defines Right Relationship from A to Z. Join our Mutual Aid Network and attend our Liminal Treaty Talks lead by Indigenous Scholars, Artists and Thought Leaders. Doing so will help you Self Educate and allow you to connect and share with other Settlers who care as much as you about reconciling our debt. As you move thru the 7 Stages of Grief, we will support one another in the fullness of the loss of right relationship with First Peoples.


This acute separation, which defines an Apartheid State is the result of the games that our Monarchs, Politicians, Statesmen, Police and Civil Servants have played and continue to play within the finite boundaries of their game found historically in the Castle, the Fort and today in our House of Parliament. It's a deadly game based on ongoing resource extraction that points to the termination of Indigenous Rights and their land titles which are based in founding Treaty Agreements.


At a time with the notion of giving land back as a way to reconcile our debt is largely unthinkable, you will be going against the grain of our larger society by joining us but we promise you that the playfulness and possibility of the Infinite Game played by First Peoples is well worth it!

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