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What is 2RowFlow?

The 2RowFlow Commons aspires to create "community feeling" using a decentralized technology, known as Holochain using a Holo port that will allow for secure, troll free conversations and debates on issues of concern to Treaty People. In this space we will strive to exhibit the following behaviours: 

  1. Presence -- Be your authentic self. Participation requires affirming your own Beliefs & Values before you enter the commons. 

  2. Listening -- "When you listen to someone it is the most profound act of human respect" ---  William Ury, Author, 'Getting to Yes With Yourself'

  3. First People Talk First, Settlers Listen - Participation in this commons requires Collaborative Listening.  The First Peoples reality is not what you see on the daily new or in popular culture. Settlers must give up control and their eagerness to find quick solutions. Overcome your fear of silence. 

  4. Self Acceptance --- Acceptance of what one can change and what one cannot change.

  5. Confidence in Others --- Giving others the benefit of the doubt. Be kind, show respect and compassion.  

  6. Contribution --- Settlers will strive to find ways to repay the Collective Karmic Debt owed to First Peoples in order to restore balance to our treaties which  are the foundation of this "nation". 

Members of 2RowFlow Commons will work together to create a framework for shared common wealth, to reconcile Karmic Debt and to amplify the voice of First Peoples. This will foster a 1:1, people to people, debates across the land that is, for once, not brokered by the Government of Canada in all its political and administrative forms. These entities have shown us time and again that they refuse to balance our Collective Karmic Debt.  It is clear that their old school thinking on First Peoples Inherent Rights is committed to the tactics of wasting our money on delays, costly legal procedures and ineffective policies in an attempt to re write history that puts an end to the philosophy that "holds one race superior to another."  


As Canadian citizens, we are all Treaty People, first and foremost. We do not adhere to any one political party as all who have been in power have betrayed First Peoples time and again. Further, many of us question the very nature of their poly tricks as they operate from a single frame of reference and fail to see that we, the Canadians citizens, have always had a choice thanks to the 2 Row Wampum belt. This object, in the form of a belt, to be worn about the waist, is encoded to show us, through the universal visual language of color, line and shape - that we must collaborate. It was not encoded in a written alphabet invented to control armies, nor was it written in a programming language like HTML. 


The 2 Row Wampum belt does not communicate an either/or binary choice. It adheres to the both/and principle. "Both/And thinking is a powerful corrective to either/or thinking, meaning that the future will be either one way or the other. Both/And recognizes the folly of assuming that the new will totally supplant the old. Both/And recognizes that they can be integrated. The hottest breakthrough technologies tend to coexist and integrate to create new value with their predecessors rather than completely co-opting them." For a sneak peek at bare bones Holochain Vault that allows you to total control your personal data, unlike online social media networks like Facebook or Twitter, check out this sample built on Holochain, the living systems pattern that will be for foundation for our commons.


We can choose collaboration over competition. Collaboration is based on abundance. Collaboration will allow us to explore the "living systems model" as it applies to First Peoples and Settlers in order to find common ground and create a commons where everyone can benefit through evolutionary forms of wealth by adding value to the things we care about. To start, you must step up and declare that you recognize the laws, culture and wisdom of First Peoples AND at the same time acknowledge the concept of the Honour of the Crown under which the original treaties were signed and the role of its authority, in the person of the Governor General of Canada. 

The 2RowFlow Commons, powered by Holochain, is dedicated to Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women of Canada. It will facilitate the social evolution of relationships between Settlers & First Peoples of Canada by placing their debates and conversations in a secure cloud well above all the heads of our respective governments, who are still playing power games divorced from the reality of First Peoples.  It is our inherent obligation as Settlers who know that "we are all Treaty People" to take up the taunting task of one to one discussion. We know that the treaties were signed by both parties with an agreement to uphold the "Honour of the Crown'. We will take that premise as a starting point and endeavour to expand on what it means for us moving forward on our Both/And Journey over the next 150 years and for 7 generations to come.

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