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Why will 2RowFlow be created? 

The 2RowFlow Commons will exist for those who realize the magnitude of being a Treaty Person. Knowing our obligations to Treaty means that Settlers must learn how to listen to First Peoples in order to grow. We must have compassion for what First Peoples have endured while Settlers have enjoyed enormous prosperity, abundance and the beauty of their lands. We must acknowledge that we rejected the initial offer of First Peoples for a relationship of friendship and peace. Overcome with greed for land and resources, we reacted with violence and race war. This rejection has become an entrenched form of hate and apartness at a collective karmic scale that leaves us separate from ourselves and others with a competitive, winner take all mentality. It will not bode well for generations to come should we ignore its negative energy.  It will not be easy, this process of social evolution. After over a century and a half of lies and betrayals the pain runs deep.


To begin, we are calling in the 100,000 Canadians who are true friends & allies to First Peoples. This number is mentioned by Pam Palmater in her book "Indigenous Nationhood".  Over time we envision that at least that many First Peoples will respond to our call on social media and through their networks, to join us in creating flow and a balance of 1:1 Treaty People.  We know that this will take time. We are not in a rush. Time is the master. We believe that together, through sharing and caring, we can make a difference, reconcile our debt and move forward in a positive way.


Keep in mind, however that this journey could be, at times, far worse then even the most intimate breakup you have ever endured. Collective Karma is a powerful energy. To balance the negative energy of this Karma requires skin in the game, dare we say -- sacrifice. Sacrifice is something that organized religions pay lip service to but which Blackfoot Sun dancers truly feel. The truth about Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women & Girls, about Residential Schools and the blatant disrespect by our "forefathers" and many Canadians, Politicians and Business types today who simply crave power and money based on "speculation wealth" and who adhere to attitudes of white entitlement is a bitter pill to swallow for a "Canadian" who claims to be a Treaty Person. The status quo will mock you and defend their positions with the usual racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobia tactics of Euro centric politics and economics. You must have a strong heart, be present and LISTEN. Let love be your guide. Scaling the wall of Apartheid LOVE to get over Apart-Hate to the side of Love is gonna be tuff. Beware. 


While the 2RowFlow Commons will be a secure, troll free space, it will not be a place where one can sugar coat the truth.  Thru listening and reflecting Settlers can learn how to gift their skills and talents to assist First Peoples. This will allow you to grow strong in the knowledge of what it means to be a Treaty Person and truly alive on this land, in these times, and how to shine your light in spite of the fact that we Settlers have shirked our obligations since the founding of this "experiment in nation building". Acknowledging that we did it all for a quick buck means recognizing the wisdom of First Peoples Elders who remind us "You cannot eat money". Money is lowest form of wealth in a living system. We have a mountain to scale to establish higher forms of wealth, long recognized by First Peoples. Let's call that mountain, Chief Mountain, found in Blackfoot Territory, along the backbone of the world. Learn and Listen to its story. 


Together we will create this commons and learn how to move through flows of information, knowledge and wisdom in order to leverage a shared experience for a better future for all. 

Image Gallery from INM

Below are some images from Social media collected during 2018 - 2019

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